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Halloran Sports & Recreation Complex (Albemarle)


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Halloran Sports & Recreation Complex (Albemarle)
Albemarle Field House
Harry Gath Memorial Pool
Cole Lighted Softball Field (skinned)
Baseball Field (lighted)
Murphy Enclosed Little league Field
Batting Cage
Concession Stand
Roche Little League Field
T-Ball Field
Multi Purpose Field (Soc/Lax/FB/Frisbee) Lighted
Tennis Courts
Basketball Court
3A Softball Field
Soccer Field B (7v7)
Soccer Field E (7v7)
Soccer Field A 1 (9v9)
Soccer Field A 2 (9v9)
Multi Purpose Field C (Soccer/Lax)
Soccer Field D (Practice)
F.A.Day Track
Field B - 7v7 soccer
Field E - 7v7 Soccer

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Facility Information

250 Albemarle Road
Newtonville, MA 02459

General Info
Adjacent to Day Middle School and Horace Mann Elementary School
City’s premier active use city park
Recreation field house with meeting room and restrooms
Harry Gath Memorial pool and bathhouse, toddler wading pool
Lighted, fenced softball field (Jean Hays Cole), softball diamond, lighted regulation baseball field, junior baseball field (James E. Murphy field, batting cage, concession stand, junior baseball field (Bob Roche),  junior (practice) baseball field Regulation soccer field and lighted football field
Tennis courts (2) and full basketball court
Home to Newton’s July 4th fireworks celebration           
Albemarle community classroom (accessible):  large gazebo, benches, picnic tables and planters
Accessible school-age play areas, fenced pre-school play area and large swing area
250 on-street parking including handicap accessible spaces

Use, Movement and Care of Soccer Goals
Every year, players are injured by falling goals and there are well document fatalities.
PLEASE do your part to make sure goals are secured and properly used
Our youth soccer programs invest thousands of dollars every year to maintain these goals.
Your help is greatly appreciated to ensure they are properly secured and utilized. All U12 and U14 goals MUST be secured with two sandbags at ALL times (these are the 7' high goals).
Sandbags should only be removed to relocate a goal. They must always be replaced once a goal is moved.
An adult should always supervise moving a goal. Goals should never be dragged. Wheels should be in the down position. Wheels must be up at all other times. U12 goals without wheels should be carried.
Sand bags should be removed to move the goal and replaced once it is relocated. Please do not drop sand bags. They cannot withstand the force of being dropped.

Trash Policy
All parks are a Carry-In/Carry-Out trash policy for any items that will not fit into the Big Belly. All City bubblers have been shut off. Participants will need to provide their own water It is the responsibility of the field permit holder to check the fields operation link on our web page to see if fields are playable a copy this link and past it into your browser the bookmark so you have easy access to the fields page.

Determining the playability of an athletic field
Determining the playability of an athletic field is crucial to the continued health of the turf and the sustainability of fields throughout the season.
An athletic field should be considered closed for play if any part of the field becomes unsafe for field users or if conditions exist where use will cause damage to the field.
·         An athletic field should be considered closed if any of the following conditions exist:
o    There is standing water present on any part of the field.
o    There are muddy conditions present that will not dry by the start of the game OR practice.
o    While walking on the field water can be seen or heard with an footstep.
o    While walking on the field of play, any impression of your footprint is left in the surface
If water gathers around the sole of a shoe or boot on any portion of the field.
o    Whenever possible change the orientation of goals during practice to lessen wear patterns

Current Activities

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Program Activity Teams Date Time
Unavailable Unavailable Friday February 4, 2022 04:45 PM - 09:30 PM
Unavailable Unavailable Friday February 4, 2022 04:45 PM - 09:30 PM
Unavailable Unavailable Friday February 11, 2022 04:45 PM - 09:30 PM
Unavailable Unavailable Friday February 11, 2022 04:45 PM - 09:30 PM
Unavailable Unavailable Friday February 18, 2022 04:45 PM - 09:30 PM